JOKER - CA Glue 20g, super thick (gel)
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JOKER - CA Glue 20g, super thick (gel)

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Gel-like cyanoacrylate adhesive glue "Joker" with a very dense, super-thick viscosity - within a few to several dozens of seconds glues metals, glass, wood, rubbers, plastics (small areas), ceramic surfaces, EPP and other materials. Indispensable for typical model-making works with wood, where it quickly creates a strong, tight and durable binder.

Packed in a round, airtight bottle with an applicator - glue content: 20g.

Thanks to gel-like consistency, the adhesive does not run down the glued surface and stays in the place of application. This makes it ideal for use in places where it is not possible to lay the glued object horizontally. The super-thick adhesive binds glued surfaces within a slightly longer time than CA adhesives with a thinner viscosity - so it works well if you need to glue together two bigger surfaces, where after applying the glue in several places, the user will still have several dozen seconds on their proper positioning.

To cure and bond the glued surfaces immediately, we recommend to use this glue together with an activator (accelerator) "Joker" (available in 200ml spray cans), where after application at the gluing site, it will cure the binder and finish the gluing process.

Safety precautions - CA adhesive bonds instantly human skin (and eyes), is highly toxic, and its vapors are harmful to nasal mucosa. The adhesive should not be used by minors and juvenile modellers, unless under the strict supervision and care of an adult.

In case of accidental bonding, you may use the special debonder (also available in our shop) that can quickly and effectively neutralize the adhesive.

The durability of the CA glue depends on the storage temperature. After opening, it is reccomended to keep the glue in the refrigerator or other cool place, not exposed to sunlight or other sources of light or heat.

Shelf life depending on storage temperature:
+ 20 degrees C. - 6 months
+ 5 degrees C. - 12 months
(this no longer applies to glued surfaces)

Note: CA glue, regardless of its density, is not recommended for gluing paper, foamed polystyrene, depron, lightweight polystyrene foam, delicate fibers (and other textile materials), as well as for use in precision plastic modeling, due to the possibility of melting, unwanted hardening or for very delicate surfaces - deformation of the glued surface.

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JOKER - CA Glue 20g, super thick (gel) (20101052)
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