Plastic model - Build & Display Security Car (Crown Victoria) - Lindberg
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Plastic model - Build & Display Security Car (Crown Victoria) - Lindberg

  • Producer: Lindberg
  • Catalog Number: 849398008522
  • Catalog no: 123
  • Compare product: available
  • Date of adding: 17-11-2016
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Lindberg re-introduces its line of Crown Victoria models with a new spin and an added bonus! These well engineered and detailed kits come completely pre-painted and with new decal options to decorate in several fun schemes ranging from asylum security to mall security cars and more. On top of this great model, a stunning display case is included to showcase the finished model. The case is suitable for use with any 1/24 or 1/25 automobile model. The case is crystal clear and features a chrome diamond plate base.


  • Easy assembly ford crow victoria model
  • Molded in color with a pre-painted body
  • Full display chrome base
  • Fun new decal options
  • 1:25 Scale
  • Skill level: 2
  • Paint & glue required


  • Assembly
  • Hobby knife
  • Sprue cutters
  • CA Glue
  • Paint

Manufacturer stock No. HL 123

Skill Level 1 (No painting, No glue necessary, Ages 8+)

Skill Level 1 model kits are aimed at the younger builder, those who may not have as much model building experience or even someone getting back into modeling after a number of years. The model kits are often molded in color, so no painting is needed to have a good looking representation when finished. They also are designed to snap together without requiring the use of glues or cements. Skill Level 1 kits also typically feature a smaller number of parts as well as a limited amount of very small parts. Skill Level 1 kits include sticker sheets instead of the water-release decal sheets found in our Skill Level 2 and 3 kits. Less mess and more fun for our Skill Level 1 builders!

Skill Level 2 (Paint and Glue needed, Ages 10+)
This is the largest and most popular group of model kits. Most Skill Level 2 kits are generally molded in a neutral color such as white to make painting easier, a traditional modeler preference. The molded color will appear in the information section on the box side as well as the approximate number of parts contained in the kit. The greater the part count, the greater the number of smaller parts and the greater the detail. Glue or cement will be required to assemble the parts of Skill Level 2 model kits. These model kits feature traditional water-release decals, offering greater detail, more colors and are much thinner than stickers for a more realistic build.

Skill Level 3 (Paint and Glue needed, Ages 12+)
Skill Level 3 kits are advanced kits that offer an appropriate level of detail and authenticity to the builder looking for a challenge. Frequently, extra parts are supplied for multiple building experiences. It's suggested that the builder have some previous building experience before attempting a Skill Level 3 model kit, due to the complexity of some of the assemblies and/or the multiple color painting schemes. Skill Level 3 kits also require glue or cement for assembly and feature water-release decal sheets.

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Plastic model - Build & Display Security Car (Crown Victoria) - Lindberg (849398008522)
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