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Tucano .46-.55 ARF 1:7 scale plane - PHOENIX MODEL
Tucano ARF is a great scale airplane for anyone who likes scale flying. Extreme good looks, reputation for speed, scale outline, ease of assembly, and competitive price. This is one of those models I just had to begin as soon as I got it, and I’m sure it will have the same effect on you. The Tucano...
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Gross price: 170,15 € 
THUNDER TIGER - Pilot Figure 1/8 WWII
Gross price: 15,89 € 
Pneumatic landing gear 2-12 - 2 wing landing gears (.40 - .60)
2-piece wing landing gear set for .40 - .60 class models. Possible to mount in retractable landing gear system. Wing landing gear: Total length: 117 mm Stroke: 8 mm Wheel axle length 38 mm Wheel axle diameter: 4 mm Includes: 2 x wing landing gears (with supports) 2 x wing wheel axle Small...
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Gross price: 52,60 € 
WILLIAMS BROTHERS - Standard pilot 1:12
Gross price: 2,96 € 
HERR - P-51 Mustang KIT plane
These Free Flight model airplane kits contain high quality balsa parts, plastic propeller, rubber motor, covering material,detailed building and flying instructions. Where applicable, the landing gear and wheels are also included. RADIO CONTROL? The Herr 100 Series models (kit numbers begin with...
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Gross price: 50,37 € 
P-47 Thunderbolt 25-35cc ARF plane - PHOENIX MODEL
Features: Designed for compability with both GP and EP flight Covered in genuine ORACOVER® Removable canopy for easy change lipo battery and set up radio Fully scale panel cockpit and scale pilot included Bolt-on two-piece wing for easy transport and setup at the field Lightweight...
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Gross price: 629,76 € 
SIG - Kobra KIT plane
Are you having trouble shoe-horning a big model into a small car? Does the high cost of feeding a fuel guzzling .60 break the modeling budget? Well cheer up! Here's the answer to these and other big airplane problems. The little Kobra provides "hot dog" performance in a compact, easy to transport...
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Gross price: 87,41 € 
Plastic wheel 38 mm
Gross price: 0,59 € 
Plastic wheel 20 mm MP-JET
Gross price: 0,17 € 
R-Planes - Easy Fly - Tail rudder & elevator
Gross price: 22,93 € 
ISKRA jet plane
Gross price: 5,46 € 
SIG - SKYRAY 35 C/L KIT plane
  SIG - SKYRAY 35 C/L (Control Line) Profile Stunter. The Skyray 35 is an easy-to-build profile model suitable for a wide range of C/L flying fun. This excellent all purpose design is suitable for stunt, combat, sport racing, balloon bust, or general Sunday flying. Aerobatic Trainer and Sport Model When...
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Gross price: 68,68 € 
GUILLOWS - 906 Hawker Mk IB Typhoon plane
  The Typhoon IB, known as the “Tiffy”, distinguished itself in the Battle of Normandy destroying 137 tanks and opening the way for the liberation of France and Belgium. No. 56 and 609 squadrons based at Duxford received their first Typhoons in 1941. In 1942 No. 609 squadron moved to Manston surpassed...
Gross price: 15,72 € 
SLIMLINE - G-Man pilot
Gross price: 24,75 € 
MEWA-2 klasy F1A/M glider plane
Gross price: 6,37 € 
White Tissue Sheet (1pc) [122] - GUILLOWS
White tissue paper sheet made by Guillow's, ideal for balsa model kits. Dimensions: 38,1 x 88,9 cm / 15 x 35 " Price for 1 pc.   Manufacturer's number: 122
Gross price: 8,34 € 
Gross price: 146,21 € 
R-Planes - Pioneer XL - Propeller
Original spare propeller for R-Planes Pioneer XL plane.
Out of stocknumber:
Gross price: 9,48 € 
Pneumatic landing gear 8-2 - complete set (.20 - .40)
3-piece complete pneumatic landing gear set for .20 - .40 class models. Possible to mount in retractable landing gear system. Nose gear: Total length: 71 mm Stroke: 5 mm Hole for mounting wire: 3 mm Wheel diameter: 30 mm Wing landing gear: Total length: 80 mm Stroke: 5 mm Hole for...
Gross price: 45,09 € 
Scanner .40-.46 - Vertical stab - PHOENIX MODEL
Replacement vertical stab for Scanner .40-.46 by Phoenix Model. Manufacturer stock No. PH006.4
Gross price: 28,47 € 
PHOENIX MODEL -  Decathlon .40-.50 - Wing set
Replacement wings set for Decathlon .40-.50 by Phoenix Model. Manufacturer stock No. PH039.1
Gross price: 92,51 € 
DUMAS - 1812 DH-4 Park Flyer Kit 35" plane
Out of stocknumber:
Gross price: 70,29 € 
R-Planes - MX-2 - Motor
Out of stocknumber:
Gross price: 39,21 € 
HERR - Pitts Special 1/2A KIT plane
Herr Engineering Corporation, the world's leader in laser cut model aircraft technology, is proud to announce the release of their new Sport Scale 1/2-A R/C Pitts Special. It's quick building will have you at the flying field in minimum time and its' excellent handling will make you fell like a Airshow...
Gross price: 82,41 € 
R-Planes - MX-2 - Landing gear
Out of stocknumber:
Gross price: 7,36 € 
ZUCH 2 (cardboard) glider plane
Gross price: 2,10 € 
Scanner .40-.46 ARF plane - PHOENIX MODEL
If you are looking for an Almost Ready to Fly R/C model, which is easy to assemble and exciting to fly, the Scanner is for you.This low wing was designed from the start to handle any kind of aerobatic maneuvers. It loops, rolls, flies inverted, and is capable of many more magical moves. It's a flying...
Gross price: 108,65 € 
DUMAS - 1811 Pacer 40" plane
Here is our new model of a Pacer, designed by Pat Tritle. Designed to use stock off the shelf flying hardware for easy affordable flight. Besides offering the cleanest laser cuts and most comprehensive plans, Dumas provides the following quality features: Laser cut parts Hand-selected balsa Full...
Gross price: 59,65 € 
Katana .61 ARF plane - PHOENIX MODEL
The Katana is capable of superior precision and 3D action. It's constructed from very lightweight balsa and ply, guaranteeing higher performance and more fun. This beautiful aerobatic aircraft features a fiberglass cowl and dura-aluminum landing gear. Pre covered in a colorful and attractive design...
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Gross price: 213,20 € 
GUILLOWS - 405 Curtiss P-40 Warhawk plane
The P-40 earned undying fame as the "Flying Tiger" of World War 2 when flown by General Claire Chennault's Volunteer Group fighting the Japanese in China and Burma. It also saw much service in the Middle East where it was used by Britain's R.A.F. and nicknamed the Tomahawk and Kittyhawk. When World...
Gross price: 50,39 € 
R-PLANES - ORION PNP (Plug-And-Play) Plane
Out of stocknumber:
Gross price: 57,12 € 
Inflatable threaded wheel 95 mm DU-BRO (1 pc.) [#375TV]
375TV Tire Width 1.160 (29.4mm) Our treaded wheels are narrower in width to fit inside wheel pants and retracts easier. Comes with 3/16 (5mm) axle diameter and can be drilled out to 1/4 (6mm) if desired. Comes complete with our positive seal air valves and inflator adapter. Package contains 1...
Gross price: 14,40 € 
Geronimo 2.6 Electric Glider - FlyFly Hobby
Out of stocknumber:
Gross price: 184,45 € 
GREAT PLANES - Foam wheel 76 mm (3") 1pc.
Gross price: 2,61 € 
SIG - Sealane Float Plane KIT
Taxi gently away from the dock and head for open water. Increase power and watch the water spray behind you as the hull lifts smoothly off the water. From the start, you know th is is no normal seaplane. Gentle, graceful, responsively solid. Then turn it on. Loops, rolls, even inverted flight. You'd...
Gross price: 157,37 € 
GUILLOWS - 307LC Piper Cherokee 140 plane
Fast, maneuverable, with a modern low wing and “total handling ease”, the all metal Piper Cherokee 140 has been a common sight airports all over the country. More than just a point to point means of transportation, the 140 is licensed for spins, lazy 8’s and chandelles characteristics which made...
Gross price: 27,28 € 
EXTRA 260 30%-05 plane - Thunder Tiger
Extra 260 ARF 30% to jeden z flagowych modeli akrobacyjnych firmy Thunder Tiger, przedstawiciel topowej linii modeli samolotów TOC. Perfekcyjnie wykonany z najlepszej jakości materiałów, doskonale spasowany, piękny dla oka i pięknie zachowujący się w czasie lotu model Extry 260 w skali 30...
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Gross price: 640,45 € 
Gross price: 88,40 € 
PHOENIX MODEL - Cessna Skylane 182 .46-.55 - Vertical stab
Replacement vertical stab for Cessna Skylane 182 .46-.55 by Phoenix Model. Manufacturer stock No. PH059.4
Gross price: 49,81 € 
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