Discount program

Discount program is a unique customer loyality system, paying a premium profits for registered Modele.sklep.pl customers. While placing orders, system is automaticaly adding a discount percents which value depends on the history of each customer orders.

System is activating automaticaly when registering, and stayes active for indefinite period of time, unless customer will decide to remove his account from our shops' database.

Individually for each registrated customer, system is collecting data about the value of previously placed orders. When the summarized value of the past orders will reach the amount crossing the next discount level, system will automatically decrease the checksum of the next placed order.
The discounts are granted with no time limits, and will be counted with each next order, regardless of the order value.

First discount level can be reached when the sum of customer's past orders value reaches 1000 PLN or its equivalent in EUR, after which 1% is assigned to customer's account.

Next % discount levels can be achieved with another 1000 PLN, up to maximum 10% for total sum of past orders amount at 10000 PLN.

Discount counting rules:

The sum of up-to-date realized orders value --> discount counted for the next order (amounts in PLN or equivalent in EUR)

0 zł      -  999,99 PLN  --> no discount
1000 PLN  -  1999,99 PLN --> 1% discount
2000 PLN  -  2999,99 PLN --> 2% discount
3000 PLN  -  3999,99 PLN --> 3% discount
4000 PLN  -  4999,99 PLN --> 4% discount
5000 PLN  -  5999,99 PLN --> 5% discount
6000 PLN  -  6999,99 PLN --> 6% discount
7000 PLN  -  7999,99 PLN --> 7% discount
8000 PLN  -  8999,99 PLN --> 8% discount
9000 PLN  -  9999,99 PLN --> 9% discount
10000 PLN or more      -->       10% discount

Notice! When counting the placed order value taken for calculating the discounts, system does not count:

  • shipping costs
  • value of goods purchased from "Sale" category
  • value of goods purchased from "Special offers" category
  • value of goods purchased using "Make your own combo" mode

For more details, please contact with our shop crew. Thank you !

Modele.sklep.pl team.