1. Who owns the shop, and where the business is conducted

Online shop "Modele.sklep.pl" sells retail goods offered both through the Internet network, and directly in "Modele.sklep.pl" stationary store, located in Wrocław, Poland:

Zawalna st. 7B
51-115 Wroclaw,
tel. +48-713594177
mobile. +48-694491286

All products informations are provided on Modele.sklep.pl official website: http://www.modele.sklep.pl

Modele.sklep.pl shop is owned and managed by:

AN-FINANS Norbert Krysiak company, 
Teczowa 79/81
53-601 Wroclaw, 
tel. +48-717257223
fax. +48-713498684
biuro@an-finans.com ; office@modele.sklep.pl

2. Transaction parties

Party making purchases in the Online Shop is a natural person having full legal capacity, or an entrepreneur. Party of its sales through online shop is owned by AN-Finans Norbert Krysiak.

3. Personal data

By registering an account and then placing an order in the store customer agrees to put his personal data in the Modele.sklep.pl database and process it for the purposes of the contract. Sharing your personal data during the registration is voluntary, but necessary to process the order. In order of effective contract completion, customer contact details are passed to the GLS courier (or other courier service) who is responsible for delivering the ordered goods. Cusomers are responsible for the possible consequences of sharing incorrect personal data. AN-FINANS/Modele.sklep.pl company provides individuals whose personal data is collected, any information requested about their processing, means of access and make changes.

4. Products

Out of concern of the highest conformity of the informations from our website with the actual stock, the system is updating all databases several times a day. However, because of the natural rotation of the goods it may happen that the product will be unavailable at the time of order. In this case, as soon as it will be possible the customer will be informed about the missing item(s), and appropriate information about the expected delivery time will be delivered. In case when the orders containing temporarily unavailable item(s) has been already prepayed, and no agreement for part-completion has been given, the Shop is returning to customers' bank account the exact amount of funds that have been received as a payment for this order. According to customers' instructions, the order remains active (and is waiting for delivery of unavailable items) or is cancelled.

AN-FINANS/Modele.sklep.pl is obligated to immiediately inform the customers about any price changes on the ordered products, effective after the time of placing an order, but before its completion. In case of no acceptance for the new price, the order for particular item will be cancelled.

When selling products with limited available quantities, marked as special offers or sales, the first-come & first-served rule is applied.

5. Prices.

All prices listed on this website include the VAT tax.

The prices does not include the shipping costs.

Non-EU residents are allowed to purchase our goods with no VAT tax (less 23%) - please contact the shop crew for details. Please take note, that non-EU customers may be charged with customs fees or taxes at the import customs procedures, according to local taxation and import regulations.

Modele.sklep.pl internet shop can introduce new products, change the prices for all items without notice and carry out or cancel promotional offers without notice.

All prices shown on this website, as well as all products descriptions are only commercial informations, and should not be perceived as an offer in accompliance to the Civil Code legal regulations. All prices shown by each of offered products are valid only while the product is available on stock.

6. Orders submission and completion.

Only registered customers are authorized to place on-line orders. Registration is also nessesary to benefit from promotional offers, buy products at special prices, and take part in loyality discount program.

Customers can place their orders as well by fax, e-mail or by calling us at (+48-71-7257223), however this orders placed this way does not authorize customers to benefit special offers and take part in loyality discount program.

Questionable orders may require additional authorization. In case of lack of confirmation within 5 working days from the date of placing an order, Modele.skle.pl crew may refuse to complete the order.

Payments for orders meant to be shipped outside the territory of Poland, may, but not have to be paid at the time or immediately after placing an order, as the Shop staff will each time contact the customer anyway by phone or e-mail to agree for the shipping method and costs.

Shop crew, basing on the ordered products' weight and size will select the most convenient, economical and fastest possible delivery method, using the negotiated prices from GLS, DPD, UPS and Polish Post freight services, and offer the available shipping methods and costs to the Customer for his agree. After receiving the Customers' agree, the total checksum of the order (including shipping costs) will be sent by e-mail, with request to issue the payment with a selected payment method.

7. Payments.

As AN-FINANS is a registrated VAT tax payer, a fiscal receipt is issued and sent with each ordered goods. On demand, AN-FINANS is issuing a commercial invoices for purchased products (an appropriate option need to be selected while processing an order)

Payment method should be determined by customer while submitting an order. AN-FINANS/Modele.sklep.pl is accepting 4 different payment methods.

Cash on delivery - payed by cash on delivery or cash/credit card on personal pick-up while visiting Modele.sklep.pl store in Wroclaw. This payment option is not available while shipping by Registered Letter by Polish Post, or while shipping outside the territory of Poland.

Electronic payments - Credit Cards (VISA/MASTERCARD) or E-Payments operated by PayU/Paypal systems (please follow the Shop crews' instructions to issue the payment with Credit Card).

Paypal Payments - Via Paypal system. AN-FINANS / Modele.sklep.pl official company Paypal account is : Paypal@modele.sklep.pl

Bank transfer - Wire transfers to one of AN-FINANS / Modele.sklep.pl bank accounts, payed in PLN, EUR, USD or GBP:

For payments in USD and EUR (Alior Bank):

Account No. IBAN [USD]: PL95 2490 0005 0000 4600 5924 7092
Account No. IBAN [EUR]: PL58 2490 0005 0000 4600 8972 9038

Beneficiary name: AN-FINANS Norbert Krysiak
Beneficiary address: ul. Teczowa 79/81, 53-601 Wroclaw, Poland
VAT Tax reg. No. (if needed): PL 8981587663
Bank name: Alior Bank SA
Bank Address: ul. Lopuszanska 38D, 02-232 Warszawa, Poland

For payments in PLN (mBank):

Account No. IBAN [PLN]: PL59 1140 2004 0000 3102 3578 3942

Nazwa firmy: AN-FINANS Norbert Krysiak
Adres firmy: ul. Teczowa 79/81, 53-601 Wroclaw, Polska
VAT Tax reg. No. (if needed): PL 8981587663
Bank name: BRE Bank S.A. Internet Banking
Bank address: Al. Pilsudskiego 3, 90-368 Lodz, Polska

All pre-payments must be completed within 14 days from the date of placing an order (if there was no other additional consultations between the Customer and the Shop). After this time expires, order will be automatically cancelled. Please always put current order number in the transfer reference title.

8. Delivery and collecting goods.

Preferred shipping and payment method should be defined by customer while placing an order.

Standard delivery time for Polish customers is defined for 1-3 working days. For approximate shipping time outside the territory of Poland, please refer to this chart.

Most of our packages is being sent via GLS and UPS courier services.

In case of circumstances that may affect the delivery time, Modele.sklep.pl will immiediately inform the customer about the cause of delay and about the new expected delivery time.

If the ordered product list contains the goods that were unavailable at the time of placing an order, the completion of the order will be held until previous re-stocking of all missing products.

Modele.sklep.pl defines two ways of shipping ordered goods:

  • Courier shipping
  • Personal pick-up in Modele.sklep.pl store in Wroclaw or Warsaw.

Default shipping courier company for all ordered packages is General Logistics Systems Company (GLS). Shipping costs for Polish residents, regardless of payment method are fixed at 15 PLN per each shipped and delivered package (Monday - Friday). This charge applies for all packages with weight and volume frames defined by the carrier (the longest side edge lenght + perimeter must not exceed 300 cm, max gross weight for 1 box is 30 kg).

Shipping costs for packages sent outside the territory of Poland each time will be consulted and confirmed with the customer with a separate mail sent from office@modele.sklep.pl mail address, however please refer to this chart for approximate shipping costs. The Shop crew, basing on the ordered products' weight and size will select the most convenient, economical and fastest possible delivery method, using the negotiated prices from GLS, DPD, UPS and Polish Post freight services.

Shipping costs for oversized packages each time will be consulted and confirmed with the customer, as the alternative freight methods may be required to deliver the goods.

Shipping costs are beared by the Customer.

In case if the package content, despite the fact of very safe and professional packing, because of individual physical characteristics of each products may be damaged during shipping (e.g. shipping small, very heavy and hard object along with long, thin and delicate in one box), the packing crew may contact individually with the customer to ask whether he would like to split the package into two or more smaller packs, or to ship all products in one box. Cost of shipping of eventual additional packages must be covered by customer.

In special cases, after both paries settle the details and agree for new shipping costs, the shop allows the possibility of sending the package using the services of other than default shipping company.

All packages shipped sent are damage and loss insured. If the packaging or delivered item is completely or partly damaged, crushed, torn or the physical shape is questionable in any other way at the moment of receipt, the customer should refuse to receive it, draw up the damage protocol in courier's presence and immiediately inform the shop crew about this fact. If the package is meant to be received by other person, the customer should inform him about the delivery and shipping procedures.

9. Returns, complains and service

However we strongly belief in the highest quality of all offered products, in order to support our customers with the best sale service, we offer our full support in accepting product returns, complains and serving technical help at our service department.

9.1 Retract from contract while purchasing online

According to legal regulations "O ochronie niektorych praw konsumentów oraz o odpowiedzialności za szkodę wyrządzoną przez produkt niebezpieczny" dated 30.05.2014 with further changes, while ordering products and finalizing contract online (outside the store), the ustomer has the right to retract from contract without explaining a cause of his decision within 14 days. In this case, the goods should be returned to the shop together with the purchase proof (receipt or invoice) and the written decision of retracting from the contract, which includes:

  • Customer name and surname
  • Precise address
  • Order number
  • Precise bank details (beneficiary bank, bank address, customer name and address, IBAN account number and bank SWIFT/BIC code), nessesary to remit the return money transfer.

Return conditions:

Returned item (or items) should be originally packed, not show any signs of use and include all the supported accessories and additions.

Modele.sklep.pl is returning the value of returned order to indicated bank account. Return money transfer, if met all mentioned conditions, will be issued at first possible convenience, but not later than in 14 days time. In case if customer did not met all the return conditions, the package shall be sent back to customer on his expense.

Modele.sklep.pl does not accept returned packages delivered with "cash on delivery" option.

9.2 Complains

In case when the purchased products is incomplete, defected or works not properly, customer has the right to issue a complain. In order to start the complain procedures, item should be returned to the shop along with the purchase proof, precise description of defect and the circumstances it was noticed in. Additionally, customer should leave his precise personal data such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, as well as his demands regarding the defected item.

From the time of delivering the defected item as a complain, Modele.sklep.pl service dept. binds to inform the customer with answer of accepting or declining item as a complain, with proper explanations.

In case if the complain is accepted, customer will be informed about the way of solving the case and the expected time of completion the service procedures. The shop is returning the repaired or exchanged item to the customer on own expense.

In case of refusing to accept the complain, service dept. informs the customer about the possible ways of repairing broken items. Appropriate repairing service will be offered. In case of justified refusal of acceptation of the complain, item is returned to the customer on his expense.

Complained product with obvious mechanical defects, broken warranty seal, self-intrusion inside the product electronics or construction, self-modifications or where the defect was caused by inproper use or is excessively dirty, shall not be accepted.

9.3 Warranty, and post-warranty services.

Modele.sklep.pl shop runs modeller's warranty and post-warranty service point.

In case of necessity of using the service point services, customer is asked to to deliver the item with the precise description of defect and the circumstances the defect was found in. Additionally, customer should leave his precise personal data such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address for easier communication.

Service point, as fast as the defect will be diagnosed, shall contact the customer with information about the defect, proposition of repair methods, expected costs and time needed for completing the procedures. After customer agrees on suggested way of solving the case, service point continue to work according to agreed instructions. If customer will not agree on suggested way of repairing the defect, service point will terminate the procedures, and send back the item to customer on his expense.